Course Description

Subject: English5 Code: อ33101

Type of Course: Core Subject 1.0 Unit of Learning

Duration: 2 periods / Week 40 Periods / Semester

Semester 1: Academic Year 2021 Class Level: Secondary 6 (Gifted Program)

Instructor: Miss Nuananong-Anong

All the learners will study similarities and differences between language function, meaning, structures of sentences, phrases, texts, idioms, sayings, proverbs, the lifestyles, beliefs, social manners and culture of native speakers and those of Thais, and apply them appropriately. The learner will study about English pronunciation, intonation and various kinds of writing, use of punctuation marks and word order. The course also provides the lesson about philosophy of sufficiency economy

Throughout the course, all the learners are encouraged to practice and enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. They will practice through both online and offline. The course is also to provide a variety of in-class activities and group discussions to select, interpret, compare, and summarize the key features or main points of different types of information from various leaning resources, in order to describe them accurately and appropriately. The learner will also practice to analyze and compare the information provided along with Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

This course aims learners to communicate in English by using conversation and writing to express or describe their own feelings and opinions about various matters, activities, experiences news and incidents with proper reasoning. Search for and collect the terms related to other learning areas from learning sources, and present them through speaking and writing. All course-related activities are to equip learners’ competencies based upon the aspect of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Codes for learning standards and indicators

F 1.1 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2, Gr 10-12/3, Gr 10-12/4,

F 1.2 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2, Gr 10-12/3, Gr 10-12/4, Gr 10-12/5

F 1.3 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2, Gr 10-12/3

F 2.1 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2, Gr 10-12/3

F 2.2 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2

F 3.1 Gr 10-12/1

F 4.1 Gr 10-12/1

F 4.2 Gr 10-12/1, Gr 10-12/2 Total 8 standards 21 indicators


English5 [E33101] For M.6 student

[Gifted Program]


วิดีโอเพื่อการเรียนรู้ ชุด Grammar Section

เรื่อง Adverbs of degree [Quite-Rather-Fairly-Pretty-Very]

วิดีโอเพื่อการเรียนรู้ ชุด Grammar Section

เรื่อง Be / get used to - used to - would

E-Book ประกอบการเรียนรู้